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What Families are Saying

"I was pregnant with my first child, and I had no idea what to expect during and after birth. my boyfriend and I took a birthing class led by Jay Rodriguez and he was so amazing! He answered all of our questions, and was so knowledgeable about what he was teaching. After the sessions were over, I felt so much more confident and prepared for birth, Jay is awesome!"-Becky Hansen Childbirth Education Student

"Jay is such an amazing resource that families during their childbearing years need. Thank you for coming to our home and teaching us infant CPR as well as an extensive childbirth education course. We also had some postpartum work done and even the littlest things like folding laundry made a difference for our family. We highly recommend Jay, he really can do it all!!!"-Becky Bard Postpartum Client

"Jay was so awesome to work with as our doula. Very understanding, flexible, compassionate and very informative! He was always able to answer any questions I had before and during labor and made sure I was comfortable with anything and everything that was happening. If your looking for a Doula I would recommend Jay any day. He went above and beyond to help in anyway get could. If your not sure about a male doula I would just say that first he is very professional and it didn't even phase me our my husband and secondly he was strong and sympathetic throughout everything and was able to offer guidance/suggestions during the labor and helped in anyway humanly possible."- Emily Larson Birth Client

Two Moms Talking

"Jay is amazing. We are from a different culture and Jay is very respectful of people that we feel so much at ease with him around. My wife and I have learned so much from our short interaction with Jay than we have learned anywhere about the birthing process. When I think of Jay, the words ‘thorough, caring and respectful’ comes to mind. We have already started recommending Jay to our friends because we absolutely believe he is one of the best if not the best in the industry."-Francis Wanja Childbirth Education Student

"I didn't even hire Jay as my doula, but I should have! I had a terrible doula experience with the one I hired, and Jay was willing to give me advice for how to handle it. He asked questions about how I was, how the baby and recovery were. He is very caring and I'm wishing I would have gone with him!"- Raelle Lippert-Pearson

"More than just a a doula for birth.

Jay helped to plan and prepare a birth plan that was reviewed and followed by the hospital staff.

Jay is well versed on more than birthing. He is the person you want in the delivery room."- Bill Netherton

"Jay was a huge support during my pregnancy. I was hoping for a VBA4C. Even though in the end I didn’t have one he was a big support at my 5th csection and helped me get together my birth plan. Having a doula was the nicest thing I could have done for myself during this last pregnancy. He took all my questions and didn’t make me feel stupid for asking them because he understands every pregnancy is different." - Dawnann Netherton Birth Client

"Jay is so friendly and informative. He was very gracious in lending an open ear and his knowledge for my questions and concerns with my pregnancy. His experience in the medical field and compassion for helping people make him the best choice for a Doula"- Shaylynn Davila

"Being male, I was a bit skeptical at first. But meeting Jay and getting to know him and his background I learned to trust that he had our best wishes at heart. He was a great coach for me and great support for my wife. My wife, Mandy, was all set to have a VBA3C and Jay was on board and showed no fear. This was huge as we both were aware of the risks and knew we needed all the support we could get. Jay was awesome at supporting both of us. When either of us had a question he would answer with facts and if he didnt know what the answer was he would research and get back to us as soon as he was able. I highly recommend Jay as he will support you and your decisions on your birth plan."- Anthony Tirado

"I had been trying for a VBA3C which was quite a battle within the medical community. Jay came alongside me, encouraging me through the whole experience. When, at the last minute, it became clear that the VBAC would not happen, Jay continued to encourage me and uplift me as I faced my fourth cesarean. Because of this amazing amount of support, I found healing instead of the trauma I had anticipated from the fourth cesarean. It was an amazing experience for me. My husband, Anthony found great solace in having Jay on our birth team as well. For him, the greatest benefit was that there was another male around to "protect" me should something happen. Jay's wealth of knowledge and experience in the medical field afforded Anthony great peace in going to work each day as my due date approached and complications arose. I've never had a better birth experience than this last one with Jay at my side." - Mandy Tirado Birth Client

"The help with the dishes, picking things up and wrangling my 2 year old so I could be with my baby was very helpful"- Kaylin Brenay Postpartum Client

"Jay was very helpful with explaining to my family about what was going on. He was also helpful in reminding me to breathe during contractions because I kept holding my breath."- Kaylin Brenay Birth Client

"Everything!! I am so thankful!!! I don't know what I would have done without you being there for the most intense part of my Labor and the placement of the epidural! He was on top of everything and so helpful with everything I needed and beyond!"- Angie Shemeveko Birth Client

"He was a great source of extra support for me"- Bonnie Seagrove Postpartum Client

"He was awesome! Lots of patience and such a great support"- Anny Abud Birth Client

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