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What is  a Doula?

"If a Doula Were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it"- John H. Kennel MD

My Philosophy

I have been helping people my entire life. First as a Boy Scout, then as a Paramedic, now as a Doula. It is in my DNA. It is also at the very core of what a Doula does: we help. Whether it is in the Birth or Postpartum realm my goal is to make your life easier. I accomplish this by answering your questions and completing tasks while supporting you and your family during one of the most incredible times of your life!


Doulas E.A.S.E: we Educate, Advocate, Support and Empower


What a Birth Doula Does


My goal as a Birth Doula is three fold: 1) when the day comes to meet your new family member, I want you to be fully prepared so you know what to expect. 2) * I will make sure that your birth plan is followed as closely as possible by the medical staff (within my bounds) so you can achieve the delivery that you want.* 3) I will utilize a variety of non pharmaceutical pain relief techniques like massage, counter pressure and deep breathing among others to allow you to have a smooth and relaxing delivery.


*Disclaimer* Though I will do everything in my power to make sure all three of those goals are met, birth is a dynamic and ever evolving entity so some of these points may not always be possible.

What a Postpartum Doula does


My goal as a Postpartum Doula is singular and much more straightforward: I want to make those first few weeks with your little one as easy and stress free as possible. I can assist you with things like light house work or chores, I can also help with any breastfeeding issues that may arise or provide a referral to a consultant. Additionally with my training as a Paramedic, I can can also provide basic non invasive medical care such evaluating vital signs, performing dressing changes and assistance with oral medications.



Discounts given to active or retired Military, First Responders and their families.


Note: my price rates are flexible. I will also work with a sliding scale or bartering.

Doulas are for that kind of Mom

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any invasive clinical tasks

I do not check dilation, place IV's or administer pain medication.   I also will only deliver a baby under extreme and highly extenuating circumstances. These are all tasks for your medical provider.


While outside the scope of a traditional Doula, with my training as a Paramedic I can assist you with non invasive tasks such as dressing changes, monitoring of vital signs or blood sugar and assistance with oral medication. However while I am in your home or other out of hospital setting, should an emergency occur, I will do everything I can to stabilize you or your family member until EMS arrives.

Make decisions for you 

While I can certainly give you advice and help you make an informed choice, my job is to support you and your decisions. While this may sometimes prove difficult or confusing, know that  I am there to help you out. 

Speak to the staff or family on your behalf

For a variety of reasons I will not speak to the medical staff or extended family on your behalf, as that should be a position undertaken by you or your partner. Additionally in the Postpartum setting I will not become involved in any marital disputes regardless of request.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

While I have an extensive knowledge of medicine, this is your experience not mine. Simply put, my thoughts and beliefs are irrelevant. I am there to support you, your choices and your experience.

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