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Doula Services

Free Consultation 

I always love meeting new and interesting people! This is a laid back meet and greet at the location of your choosing. Simply put, this is our time to get to know each other. I encourage you to bring your partner as I want to get to know the other half as well!  Children are also welcome especially if they will be present during my time with you. At the end of the meeting, if you decide that I am the right fit for you, we will schedule our first prenatal visit or postpartum appointment .  

Phone & Email Support 

Upon scheduling of the first prenatal visit you can email or Facebook Messenger me with any medical or pregnancy questions you or your partner may have 24/7 and I will get back to you as soon as my schedule allows. Approximately 2 weeks before your due date you can text or call as needed, even if it is just to check in. This is also available 24/7 all the way until you deliver.


For those solely using the postpartum service, email and Facebook messenger are available the same as with my birth clients. However I respectfully ask that you only call or text between the 9a-9pm. 

2 Prenatal Visits 

The first of the two visits will be scheduled during the the initial consultation. The goal of this first meeting is threefold:1) We  formalize our agreement by the signing of the contract and placement of the down payment.  2) We schedule the second prenatal visit and any educational classes. 3) we will also formulate or evaluate your birth plan. Lastly I will answer any questions you may have. 


The goal of the second prenatal visit is also threefold: 1) we will finalize your birth plan and formalize my arrival time for your big day. 2) I will also "introduce you" to my Doula bag so that you familiarize yourself with the tools that I bring and what the hospital will provide. 3) Go over any and all questions you may have. The second and final payment is due at this meeting.


Additional prenatal visits may be scheduled at anytime for an additional fee. This can also include accompaniment to medical appointments.

Baby sucking his finger


If I do not meet your partner at the initial consultation, I respectfully ask that they come to at least one of the prenatal visits. I have found it beneficial that partners get to know and are comfortable with me before the big event, so everyone is on the same page.

If you are solely using my Postpartum Service, I would respectfully ask that your partner attend the initial consultation, especially if I am going to be doing overnight shifts.

Community Referrals

 I am connected to a vast array of Medical and Doula Practitioners. From Physicians, Midwives and Chiropractors to Certified Lactation Consultants, Physical Therapists, and Placenta Encapsulators, all located within the Alamo city. Because of this, I have the ability to easily refer you to whatever specialist your need requires.

Professional Information and Education

With my many years in the medical profession and with multiple specialty certifications I am a fairly knowledgeable medical reference. Whether it is translating something a Nurse, Physician/Midwife or technician told you or just something you are curious about I am here to answer it for you. This also includes the "is this normal?" questions that inevitably come up. Additionally I am part of a large network of birth professionals from all over the country. If I can't answer it they most likely can! This service is available to you from the moment you select me as your Doula.


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