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Supporting You during Pregnancy, Birth and beyond
Adrian Hogel Climbing at 32 weeks

Photo courtesy of Adrian Hogel

The Great Northwest Doula Service is a Birth support and Educational Business assisting growing families in and around San Antonio Texas.

I am a Male Doula. While this may not be the norm it does place this company in rather distinctive standing. I have recently moved back to the Alamo city from the Pacific Northwest. While there, I was the first and so far only Male ever accepted into the Volunteer Doula service at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma Washington. Being a Male in a predominantly Female occupation allows me the unique opportunity to more completely support each family by being able to understand the individual perspectives of both the client and her partner.

Whether you are here out of sheer curiosity, an erroneous keyboard stroke or are legitimately interested in my services, come in and take a look around! If you are curious, ask a question. If you’re interested in a Doula, come see what I have to offer or maybe even schedule a consultation. If you hit the wrong key, well I can’t help you with that, but you’re here now so why not explore where your keyboard led you? See you on the inside!

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